A Sonnet the Doctor Who Way



If you were to woo a Whovian, how would you do it? Cos mind you, the usual stuff just isn’t going to cut it. Here is a helping hand, a sonnet that would melt any Whovian’s heart like it was made of wax. Trust me, I am a Whovian.

I Shall

I shall be by your side, for better or worse, just like the TARDIS,

I shall exterminate your sadness and loneliness like the Daleks,

I shall upgrade your happiness and smile like the Cybermen.

I shall guard you like the ultimate Centurion, which would make Rory proud,

I shall swallow the time vortex if it means that I can be by your side again,

I shall love you even if we end up in parallel universes, never to meet again,

I shall find you, no matter where you go, I will always find you.


I shall stare unblinking at the Weeping Angels so that you may rest your weary eyes,

I shall stand in the way of their touch so that you may remain safe.

I shall be the Impossible Girl, always saving you from yourself,

I shall scatter myself throughout time and space so as to rescue you, every time.

I shall await you at the Bad Wolf Bay, and burn up the sun just to say goodbye,

I shall not wander off, or ask stupid questions, and above all,

I shall trust you.


To Date or not to Date a Whovian



Chillaz guys, this post is not about the pros and cons of dating, oh wait it actually is, well sort of. It is about what it would be like to date a girl who literally worships Doctor Who. What would the relationship be like? Would it drive you up the wall, or want to travel to and settle down on another planet in order to escape the madness? Do you have what it takes to deal with the intense passions that she will portray, and intense she will be because no girl could show such devotion to a TV character and not be passionate or intense by default.

One thing you can expect from a girl who is crazy about Doctor Who is to show you endless loyalty, to put you on a mighty pedestal and worship you, as she will be picking her lessons from Rose Tyler herself. She will follow you to the end of the world and beyond, all you have to do is ask. Also, she will be extremely intelligent and smart, as no pinhead would even be able follow Doctor Who in the first place, so you might want to watch your IQ there, and make sure that it’s a match.

She will expect you to say the three magical words all the time. Only, they won’t be the usual ‘I love you’, instead, they are, ‘I’m the Doctor’. Yep, no kidding. Anytime you have an argument, simply mutter these words into her ear, and she will be putty in your hands. If you are looking for the kind of love that will last beyond time itself, then who better to love than the fan of the Time Lord herself?

Lemme warn you though, it is not going to be fun and games all the time, she will also have high expectations in return of the kind of devotion she deserves. She will expect you to defend her should the occasion arise. Mind you, she will be no damsel in distress, but she will occasionally need your help, and when she calls out to you, she will want you there by her side. She will want you to be romantic enough to burn the sun in order to say a goodbye. 


Well, I never said it was going to be easy. You cannot have the best of the best without reciprocating along the same lines. It just doesn’t work that way. Things will be hard, sometimes you may not get the things that drive her, make her cry, or the things that she obsesses over; but if you hang in there you will have a lifetime full of passion, romance, love, devotion, loyalty, intelligence, and unmatched values that are so missing in the best of the people in this time and age.