Sherlock: The Tormentor Tormented


The wait is nearly over. The dawn of the year 2017 will set us on the trail of the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. The Abominable Bride shocked and awed us with its brilliant storytelling and an unpredictable ending. We know that Sherlock got off the plane because somehow Moriarty managed to haunt Sherlock’s homeland. However, is it really Moriarty or another vile villain gleaning off some of Moriatry’s notoriety to facilitate his own devious plans? Or perhaps it is Sherlock himself who orchestrated the whole show, ensuring his release from exile.


The official trailer of season 4 shows us a more vulnerable, nearly unstable Sherlock. A man haunted by the demons he had time and time again so efficiently managed to brush under the rug. He is clearly tormented, but why? That remains to be seen. January 2017 cannot come soon enough!

Sherlock Season 4 Official Trailer

Hannibal Too REAL for Emmy?


With the Emmy nominations out, there is a lot of gung-ho about the two brilliant series that have been left out, or should I say SHUT OUT of the nominations. Orphan Black and Hannibal are two absolute GEMS that premiered in the year 2013, and have changed the way the horror/thriller/psychological drama genre has been perceived ever since. Orphan Black was possibly left out because it is a Canadian series, and everyone knows anything made in Canada is immediately discounted to be of no consequence by America even if it is BETTER than some of the BEST shows in the US. Yes, you read that right.

So what’s the reason behind Hannibal receiving the figurative axe from the Emmy? In an age where fictional television is getting lamer by the minute, and reality television has lost any remote semblance it had to the word ‘real’, Hannibal came along and swept the ground from under our respective feet. It is gory, scary, and turbulent, not because of ghosts, or supernatural elements, but because it depicts just how terrifying and sick a human mind can be. And trust me, there is no greater horror in the world than watching the appalling things that humans are capable of putting other human beings through.

Television is supposed to make is forget our ever so crappy lives, and make us feel better about ourselves. Instead, Hannibal deals in everything that’s ugly and crass about the human nature. With stunning and mind-wrinkling performances by the main cast, Hannibal is nothing if not a piece of art, a jarring symphony, that shall remain long after your crappy awards have lost their sheen, Emmy, I assure you of that.

Does that scare you, Emmy? Too real, is it? Do you feel like you have no category that could do justice to Hannibal? Here, I have a number of suggestions as to which category Hannibal would best fit into:

I-have-extra-wrinkles-on-my-brain-cos-of-this-show Category

Bryan-Fuller-is-the-shit Category


Best-shit-on-TV-till-date Category

And if these didn’t fit onto you uptight, archaic, and extremely ‘limited’ spectrum, then why didn’t you nominate at least ONE of these:


PS: I don’t care a hoot anymore about whom you award what to, so screw you, Emmy! Also, get OVER The Big Bang Theory, it’s just not funny anymore. 

Must Watch TV Shows of 2013


It would not border on exaggeration when said that 2013 was one of the most creative and thrilling years that television has seen in a long time. There are a number of shows that are not only promising, but also mind boggling, catering to intelligent audiences that seek drama, thrill, and logical explanations all wrapped up in a neat little bow. Some of the do-not-miss-unless-you-are-dead shows of the previous year are:


Orphan Black

Genre: Drama, Sic-fi, Thriller

Starring: Tatiana Maslany, Kevin Hanchard

It will not be amiss to say that 2013 has set a whole new benchmark or the sic-fic and fantasy genre, and my personal favourite is Orphan Black. Imagine you are at a train station, and suddenly you witness someone who looks exactly like you, down to that tiny little mole you have over your left eyebrow, jump in front of a moving train. Wouldn’t that scare the living daylights out of you? This is what happens to Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), and within micro seconds she is sucked into this world where she comes to terms with the fact that she and the jumper are a part of a scheme that is bigger than she could ever imagine in her wildest dreams. With a compelling performance by Maslany, Orphan Black is one show that simply must not be missed.



Genre: Horror, Crime, Drama

Starring: Hugh Dancy, Mads Mikkelsen

There have been a number of explorations based on Thomas Harris’s brilliant, yet bat shit crazy psychiatrist, Hannibal Lector. So I was a little sceptical about this show when I first heard of it. However, being a firm believer in giving everything a fair chance I did watch the pilot, and I am compelled to admit that Hannibal is nothing but pure excellence. Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is a criminal profiler for the FBI with the unique ability to empathise with the murderers. Who else to help him retain his sanity after a hard day of field work but the charming and elusive Hannibal Lector (Mads Mikkelsen)? Fair warning, this show is not for the weak of heart, or the squeamish audience, as it gets quite graphic. Hannibal will reach its fingers in through your eyes, reach up into your brain, and caress the deep recesses of your personal unexplored psychopathic tendencies that have remained dormant for too long. You have been warned.



House of Cards

Genre: Political Drama

Starring: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright 

House of Cards is by far one of the most gripping political dramas that I have come across. Not for nothing is it one of the biggest hits of the year 2014. If you love Homeland, you will gobble up House of Cards like a junkie fresh out of crack. Come for the thrills; stay for the back-door deals, the manipulative yet admirable characters, and unbeatable performances. Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is by no means a likeable man, and yet when he is betrayed by the ones he trusted, he makes it a mission to rebuild his fort no matter what the cost.



Genre: Drama, Crime

Starring: David Tennant, Olivia Colman 

The predominant reason I started watching Broadchurch is because David Tennant played the role of DI Alec Hardy, a shady detective who has all but given up on the world. I was pleasantly surprised that the show grew on me as anything that has anything to do with human nature or psychology. The storyline revolves around the murder of a little boy in a sleepy town by the name Broadchurch, and how this attracts the attention of the media which proves to threaten the once friendly community of seemingly ‘perfect’ people. Broadchurch’s writer Chris Chinball explores the ideology behind the ‘ideal human’, portraying its characters with such depth that is relatable, and astonishing at the same time.


Almost human

Genre: Action, Crime, Comedy

Starring: Karl Urban, Michael Ealy

Classy, sassy, and a bit smart-assy! That’s the entire extent of introduction that Almost Human requires, however, I shall elaborate for your sake. I was excited about this show because J.J. Abrams was one of its creators, and anyone who has watched Star Trek, or Fringe will follow him to the end of the universe itself just in the hope to catch a glimpse of his brilliance that lights up the Sic-fi world. Almost human explores a future set in the year 2048, and the crime rate has increased astonishingly, to deal with this the police force has sanctioned robots with a minimal level of human intelligence to pair up with human cops and fight crime. With exceedingly brilliant chemistry between the leads, Detective John Kennex (Karl Urban), and his nearly human companion Dorian (Michael Ealy), Almost Human is a feast to those of us who love to peek into the future and see the high-techie world that could be awaiting us.

Why Choose Books & TV Shows Over People


Ever since I learnt how to read and discovered the world of books, I haven’t stopped one bit. I have devoured one book after the other, and have loved every second of it. I discovered TV shows, great TV shows that is, a little later, in my late teens, and blimey, what a ride it has been. Never one for small talk or random conversations, I was always content with a book, holed up in my room.

However, there were times when I wished that sometimes I would experience a great friendship, a unique bond, like the ones described in so many books. Come on, who wouldn’t want friends like Harry, Ron and Hermione? And I found friends, not like I didn’t, not that socially inapt I am mind you, but it was never quite the same. Its human nature to expect; and it is the same very human nature to move on to the next best shiny thing that life throws at you. So people left, yeah, and there I was clutching my books and my external drive with lots of TV shows in it, and a thought struck me: why am I running after people, when I have all the company and support that I need right here, in the palm of my very hands?



That is the day I realised that there isn’t a single human being that is better than a good book and a mind numbing TV show, cos if you pay attention closely, they have the most marvellous things to teach you. Where else would you find someone like Dumbledore, who is the greatest of great men and yet is so humble, where else would you find someone like the Doctor who would make other people’s problems his own?

Any good book is like a teleport that can take you to a whole new world, and so is a great TV show. I know this for a fact, because whenever I watch Doctor Who or Sherlock or read harry Potter, I am instantly in a whole new world, and when I finish the episode or a chapter and return to reality, it takes me a few moments to get my bearings. Are there people on this planet who can make you feel this way? Nope!



Books and TV shows do not judge. No matter whether you have shaved your legs or are sitting about in your bathrobe without a care in the world, it will not matter to them. Also, books and TV shows won’t leave. They will be there for you at even 2 in the night, and will see you through your tough times. There is no drama involved, no fights, no arguments, you simply pick a book up, or watch an episode if you feel like and you are all sorted out.

They are both great conversation starters, and will not embarrass you in front of other people. Say if you talk of being a Doctor Who fan, your ‘cool’ proportion increases by a million folds; whereas if you are in the company of person who eats with his mouth open and burps in public, you will wish that the floor beneath you parts and swallows you up. 



Fandoms unite, they do not discriminate, and this very blog and the number of amazing people I have come to know through it is living proof of what I am blabbering about. I could go on and on, round and round the merry go round, but the bottom line is that there is not a single being on this planet that is better than your favourite book and TV show, unless it is a 903 year old alien in a suit. Very specific, I know, its not like I woke up one fine morning and had a craving! Allons-y Alonso! 


Doctor Who Saved Me



It is only recently that I came across the show Doctor Who, last month to be more precise, and it would not be an exaggeration when I say that the show saved me. People who have never watched Doctor Who would roll their eyes at this, muttering to themselves, “She has gone utterly bonkers. How can a mere TV show ‘save’ someone?” where as people who have watched the show will be nodding in agreement, speechless, for they themselves will have experienced the same thing.

If you ask how, the answer is not simple. However, I would like to explain. Last year I suffered a terrible loss, one that ripped me to my very soul, and still comes to haunt me occasionally when I divulge into my vault of memories. I was so very lonely, almost self-destructive, angry and hopeless almost all the time. I treated my family badly, was cruel to my best of friends, and hated myself for it all. I watched a lot of TV shows, just to keep my mind occupied, but none of them really touched me deeply.

Last month I discovered Doctor Who, and I have not been the same since. The show has taught me that there is so much more out there than personal suffering, and sometimes the best way to deal with one’s pain is to experience the pain of others. How the Doctor tirelessly travels across universes, saving lives, never for one fraction of a second giving up on his duties. Come to think of it, they are not really his duty, he can merely travel and be a spectator, but he chooses to help, to make someone else’s issues his own.


The Doctor taught me that the simplest of human being is worth rescuing, and everyone is important, no matter how small or insignificant he or she may seem. The Doctor taught me that everyone deserves a chance. Even when he is out there trying to stop the baddies, he gives them a choice, a second chance to retreat and mend their ways before destroying them.

The Doctor taught me that sometimes loving someone means knowing exactly when to let go and say goodbye. It is not about endless time spent together, but spending the time together really well and cherishing the memories that you shared. He taught me how to forgive. The Master treated the Doctor so badly, but in the end the Doctor forgave him. That takes strength, unlike seeking revenge.

I know I am sounding like I am giving out a sermon, but these are the little and important things in life that we people forget to implement so often that we end up leading destructive lives. The Doctor rescued me from becoming an irreversibly bitter person, got me out of the trance of self-loathing. The show has taught me more about life than any religious book out there, and for that I will always be grateful.

Thank you, Doctor.