American Horror Story: Coven Thrills, Chills and Then Some



Ryan Murphy has done it again. After American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Asylum, he brings to us another intricate plot that is bound to chill us to our very bones in the form of American Horror Story: Coven. This time, there are witches, sadistic slave owners, and of course voodoo practitioners. This season alternates between the 1830’s and the present day.

In the 1830, there lived a woman named Madame LaLaurine who treated her slaves in the most inhumane manner possible. Ryan Murphy has taken inspiration from this non-fictional character and has gotten Kathy Bates plays Madame LaLaurine in the third instalment of American Horror Story. There are a series of horrific events that revolve around Madame LaLaurine and her brutally treated slaves, and it seems like a lot of it is going to be portrayed in American Horror Story: Coven

In the present day, the storyline reflects the lives of young witches that are enrolled into a ‘school’ where they are taught how to overcome the oppression that is faced by their ‘coven’. The first episode of the third season has created quite a stir, as it rightfully deserves. The groundwork has been laid, and I am sure that American Horror Story: Coven will not disappoint.