Brainy is the New Sexy



These men that you see in the picture above- Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Martin Freeman, and Matt Smith, none of them conform to the supposedly ‘ideal’ hunk-like male prototypes that we are so used to seeing on screen; more often than not they look like a part of their physical growth was stunted after the age of 18, or like puberty washed its hands off of them. And yet these are a few examples of men with an average physique who are so very popular that make women’s panties drop so hard they make a hole that leads all the way to China. It is not their bodies that we fell in love, but their immense talent and personality. Irene Adler, you smart and saucy woman! You got it so right, brainy is indeed the new sexy, no doubts about that. The million dollar question is: What is it that makes these men who are so different from the regular superhero-type men that people are bound to approve of?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict Cumberbatch is rather more famously known as the modern-day Sherlock Holmes from the TV show Sherlock. Tall and lanky with high cheekbones, alabaster skin, and ocean blue eyes, Sherlock is what makes Irene Adler want to improvise on her ‘recreational scolding’. He is a high-performing sociopath with an IQ that’s off the charts, rude, self-obsessed, a compulsive loner and every time he talks in his obnoxious manner, people around him are itching to act on the urge to punch him hard. Although that is not true if you are a woman, in that case you are only itching to grab hold of him and… well, I will leave that to your imagination. There is nothing hunk-like to his physique, and yet I bet there isn’t a single straight woman in the entire solar system who would be able to resist him.

  • Martin Freeman


Martin Freeman plays the role of Sherlock’s ever faithful companion, Dr. John Watson. If you passed by him on the street there isn’t a fraction of a chance that you would look back to glance at him again, or even notice him in the first place. A very plain looking bloke and it is what he represents in terms of his character and his stability that makes him such a darling. He puts up with all the loony bin traits that his friend Sherlock is so famous for. Never does he waiver in his role as a true companion. His bravery and loyalty is surreal in today’s ‘to each his own’ kinda world. Even though Sherlock hogs all the attention with his high cheekbones and upturned collar, Watson holds his own and we love him for that!

  • David Tennant


David Tennant is the eleventh Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who. By God, I have hated this man since David Tennant had also played the role of Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and since then I have despised him for everything that he put my darling Harry through. However, all it took was ONE of the Doctor Who Christmas Special Episode, and the effect was mind=blown! That man has talent and then some. I watched that episode four times just to experience over and over again the extent of his talent, and also his magnificent looks. The goofy grin and the adorable quirks just make it impossible to resist this man

  • Daniel Radcliff


Well, my obsession with Daniel Radcliff started when I watched the first Harry Potter movie at the age of 13, and it hasn’t abated the slightest bit. Instead, it has only grown as the years have passed. A number of psychoanalysts will have a field day analysing my obsession over Daniel, and even they wouldn’t get it. For almost 8 years I have lived and breathed Harry Potter (I still do; only now there are a number of other fandoms added to the list). Again, Radcliff has the boyish good looks and the slight physique that has no Thor-like quality to it, yet, it is the talent, always the talent that gets my motor running!

Clean shaven men with boyish good looks were never my thing, but all of that has changed since my encounter with the men mentioned above. These men are the television equivalent of Nutella, and that about explains it all.