A Sonnet the Doctor Who Way



If you were to woo a Whovian, how would you do it? Cos mind you, the usual stuff just isn’t going to cut it. Here is a helping hand, a sonnet that would melt any Whovian’s heart like it was made of wax. Trust me, I am a Whovian.

I Shall

I shall be by your side, for better or worse, just like the TARDIS,

I shall exterminate your sadness and loneliness like the Daleks,

I shall upgrade your happiness and smile like the Cybermen.

I shall guard you like the ultimate Centurion, which would make Rory proud,

I shall swallow the time vortex if it means that I can be by your side again,

I shall love you even if we end up in parallel universes, never to meet again,

I shall find you, no matter where you go, I will always find you.


I shall stare unblinking at the Weeping Angels so that you may rest your weary eyes,

I shall stand in the way of their touch so that you may remain safe.

I shall be the Impossible Girl, always saving you from yourself,

I shall scatter myself throughout time and space so as to rescue you, every time.

I shall await you at the Bad Wolf Bay, and burn up the sun just to say goodbye,

I shall not wander off, or ask stupid questions, and above all,

I shall trust you.


The End of Innocence



By the end of Doctor Who Season 7, you may no longer be smiling. Agreed, none of the end of seasons bring a smile, they are more of a gut wrenching experience, but this time it is a little more than that. This time you know that things are not the same, you have known it since the Christmas Special episode when your once cheery and eccentric 11th Doctor suddenly seemed to have aged a century in a short while, and chooses to brood away in his TARDIS upon a cloud.


Its like the life and joy had been snuck out of him since he lost the Ponds, and there was nothing, not even the Impossible Girl who could bring that light back. Its like Amy and Rory took away a part of the Doctor with them when the Angels got them. Gone are the fez and the suspenders, only to be replaced by the Abraham Lincoln-like hat. Some may disagree with me, and say that Clara did make him better, maybe she did, but still a tinge of the darkness and the sorrow always remained in his eyes.


Its like the show has matured since the loss of Amy and Rory, and the darker tones are embedded in the essence of the Doctor; it is a whole new dimension for the fans, like watching your favourite character grow up. And now the 11th Doctor is going to leave us. Let’s see who comes along to fit in his boat-sized shoes (I say boat-sized not because he wears big shoes, but because the expectations from the 12th Doctor are going to be tremendous as Matt Smith has left behind big shoes to fit in, quite literally).