Since The Last Time We Met



“Since the last time we met, you have been looking so much prettier, they said

A few inches off the waist, more angular is your face, and my! Looks like you haven’t been tipping the scales!” they asked.

“That’s not all, I’ve also read a number of books since the last time we met; have been honing my brain without much rest,

Do you wish to know of all the new things I have learnt?” She said.

“Oh no, that’s alright, we are merely content at your pleasing sight, what lies within doesn’t matter!”


“Since the last time we met, your skin looks so much brighter, almost spotless and a delighter,

Tell us the secret, oh please do,” they said.

“That’s because I have found a new passion, there is a 903 year old alien who has become my latest obsession! May I tell you more about it?” she asked.

“Oh no, that’s alright, we are merely content at your pleasing sight, what lies within doesn’t matter!”


“Since the last time we met, your eyes seem so luminous, filled with amusement and so humorous

Do tell us how you have accomplished that,” they said

“I have found new friends, some just as playful and joyous as myself; they rarely sleep, and do constantly fret over the fate of various fictional characters. Do you wish to know more about them?”

“Oh no, that’s alright, we are merely content at your pleasing sight, what lies within doesn’t matter!”


She thought to herself- Then why do you ask, if knowing the real me seems like such an abhorrent task? Go on, merely examine me from without, and dare not delve within my mind since its many worlds and layers may relieve you of your pretentious concern and your constant need to dwell on appearances. And then where will you be, if not judging someone from without? Life will lose all meaning to you when one day when you will no longer be able to gauge a person’s worth based on their weight.

And off she went, back to her many worlds, and her endless obsessions, for the boy who lived nor the Doctor ever judged her for anything beyond her mental competence. 

We Are The Fandoms United



It all began one lazy Sunday afternoon, I was merely having a quite lunch at a cafe, and in came Matt Smith with his ancient tweed jacket, that oh so bright bowtie, and the inevitable suspenders. Well, of course it wasn’t really Matt, but a fan in a cosplay. Heart thudding, I approached her, and viola, the rest is history. 

Immediately I was sucked into (quite pleasantly, I assure you) this alternate reality that is the Doctor Who Group, India, and later the Fandoms United India, where everyone is just as much into various fandoms as I am. People take insults to their fandoms quite seriously, something for which I had been mocked for my entire life! Finally, a decade after having been hit by the magic wand that introduced me to Harry Potter, I had a found a place where I belong.


Here, age is irrelevant, and so is your geographical location, so long as you are passionate about the things that automatically render you socially inept, you are more than welcome. Any and every fandom is offered equal face time (unless you are a fan of the Twilight series, then you will be dragged into a dark alley and be politely beaten up with words that will hurt more than sticks and stones ever will). The only requirements to be a part of the Fandoms United is to be fun, geeky, passionate, bat shit crazy, and of course intellect.

For the first time, you may have more friends than you can count on both your hands (WIN). We come off as normal, with our fancy professional degrees, and our calm demeanour, but dare you bad mouth the characters we worship, and the force shall be with you, and not in a good way. We know what it is like to stay up until late into the night and obsess over things that can so easily be trivialised, and wake up early the next morning only to continue where we left off the previous night even before we have had our first cup of coffee. 


There are things about us that can be categorised as weird or borderline OCD. Like say for example, crying every time our Doctor regenerates or suffers a major loss, rejoicing at the possibility of a deadly and evil villain being alive, reading a book into the night just cos our favourite character is in a fix, or waiting out in a long queue at the doors of a bookstore braving all kinds of climatic conditions when a new book in the series is about to be released. We laugh reminiscing about something geeky at completely inappropriate times, and we are so, so not sorry about it *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*.

We urge you to come and join us, so long as you do not spam our timeline, bore us with nonsense, and are genuinely geeky, for there is finally a place for you to belong. Signing off, Allons-y, Mischief Managed, Geronimo, Live Long and Prosper, You Shall Pass!