Movie review: Frozen



If you are looking for a completely new spin on the age-old concept of ‘true love’, then Frozen is the way to go. With a simple yet brilliant storyline, Frozen conveys in a span of mere one hour and twenty five minutes all that is wrong with the way we perceive love, relationships and everything in between.

Set in a land called Arendelle, Frozen is about two princess sisters, Elsa and Anna. Elsa is born with the gift to create ice and snow, a fact that the king and the queen have tried to suppress and keep secret from the entire kingdom, including her younger sister Anna after a tragic accident that almost costs Anna her life. Elsa is made to keep away from her beloved sister, as per her parent’s wishes. However, a secret this gigantic in proportions is impossible to hide, and soon Arendelle is in a tragic state, with Elsa and Anna at the centre of the storm. It is up to Anna to leave behind her inhibitions and save the one thing that matters the most to her: Elsa.

Frozen sends across a strong message across to one and all. It teaches parents to quit trying to constantly make their children ‘fit in’, and instead encourages them to revive in the quirks that make them stand apart without being afraid. In this time and age when women are women’s worst enemy, Frozen shows us the irrevocable bond that can exist between two women, despite a long period of estrangement. Frozen brings about a whole new perspective on what true, selfless love is, and guess what? It’s not always about a kiss!