Doctor Who Racist? Go Screw Yourselves, Academics!!!


Less than a minute ago I read a blog post on how academics all over the world (Americans) declared Doctor Who to be an abysmally racist show that confers with the most traditional and primitive views. Well, dear academics, this is utter horse shit, and you can screw yourselves!!! Yes, please do that as by doing so you will be making a better use of your time, and leave Doctor Who alone! If you were actually real academics, would you be bothered with a television show? Isn’t there something more important in the world to study? Why pick on a show that has turned into a geek religion, because you never mess with the geeks and live to tell the tale. Like Tony Stark said, “You know the thing about smart people is that they have their asses covered.” So let me try and penetrate that thick ‘academic’ skull of yours with some smart and valid arguments.

Firstly, in the very first season, Rose Tyler the Doctor’s companion is dating a black guy named Mickey Smith who is played by Noel Clarke. Agreed, in the beginning Mickey isn’t the stand up macho dude who would have a huge impact on you, but the character development was such that before the end of the second season he is named the Defender of the Earth. Oh yes, he is. Would this have been possible if the entire cast and crew along with the production house of Doctor Who would have been racist?


In the third season the Doctor had a companion named Martha Jones played by Freema Agyeman. FYI, she is black. Yes, the Doctor did not fall madly in love with her, he couldn’t have because he already loved Rose, but he did treat Martha with a lot of respect and was always concerned with her welfare. He battled monsters and rescued her heroically before she crashed into the sun. Would this have been possible if the show had been based on a racist mentality?


Now you ask why the doctor did not fight slavery, oh you daft ‘academics’, the Doctor cannot change fixed incidents in time. He keeps warning his companions against it too, and so there is no way that he could have saved the mankind from slavery. The Doctor creates a sense of belonging. All over the world people are connected with the help of this fandom, irrespective of their nationality or the colour of their skin. It is a TV show people, leave it alone. Spend your time studying something that is legitimate instead of flinging your crappy views on a TV show. Watch it if you like it, if not, for the love of God stop passing judgments.