5 Things We Expect from The 12th Doctor


With the 8th season and a brand new Doctor set to premier less than 3 weeks from now, it is not completely unrealistic to set a few expectations for the 13th Doctor. However, given that Moffat is still the show runner *sigh*, I highly doubt any of them are actually going to be met. But that doesn’t prevent me from taking a stab at it, now does it? So here goes!

Less flirting, more adventures: SERIOUSLY! Please stop behaving like Casanova on Viagra and actually try to quit ‘fancying’ pretty, young Earthlings, and use your time having some breathtaking adventures for crying out loud. You have a TARDIS for fuck’s sake, do you have the slightest clue what regular people would give to be able to travel in her? So please do get your act together and take us to see scary planets and not-so-friendly aliens, pretty please.

Don’t make it all about yourself: Yeah, we get it, you have some extremely loyal companions who would go to any lengths to save your ass, but really, how much sense does it make when Earthlings who’s age is a minute fraction of yours, are able to save your sorry nether region? Aren’t you supposed to be super smart and a wiseass? Might I remind you that you’re the Doctor, you go about saving planets, and races, and species, don’t belittle yourself by behaving like a hapless ninny!

Visit Donna: Can I stress this point enough? She was your best friend, and the coolest companion you have has in the past couple of lives, and yet you find it so hard to go back for a bit and see how she’s doing. Why? You don’t have to explain who you are, cos we all know how that would end *shivers*, but you can drop by and pretend to be a mere stranger, waving to her from across the street, or offering here a seat on the tube, or SOMETHING! Don’t you miss THIS: 

Revisit Leonardo Da Vinci: You have spoken about it enough, but can’t you visit him for once while we are peeping into your daily adventures? He is after all the most profoundly gifted person in the history of the human race and we deserve a glimpse into his day-to-day life. We aren’t asking you to drop in when he is painting the Mona Lisa, which would be a bit much to ask; I suppose a regular day in the life of Leonardo Da Vinci would be a good enough treat, wouldn’t it?

A more mature, less clownish persona: It’s not that you’re not adorable that way, but I think we have had enough of tomfoolery to last at least a couple of your future lives. Also, now that you know that you haven’t obliterated your entire home planet and your race, I think you could give the childish persona that you had adopted to keep the pain and the guilt at bay, and instead behave like the 1000-something year old Time Lord that you are. Is that too much to ask?


The End of Innocence



By the end of Doctor Who Season 7, you may no longer be smiling. Agreed, none of the end of seasons bring a smile, they are more of a gut wrenching experience, but this time it is a little more than that. This time you know that things are not the same, you have known it since the Christmas Special episode when your once cheery and eccentric 11th Doctor suddenly seemed to have aged a century in a short while, and chooses to brood away in his TARDIS upon a cloud.


Its like the life and joy had been snuck out of him since he lost the Ponds, and there was nothing, not even the Impossible Girl who could bring that light back. Its like Amy and Rory took away a part of the Doctor with them when the Angels got them. Gone are the fez and the suspenders, only to be replaced by the Abraham Lincoln-like hat. Some may disagree with me, and say that Clara did make him better, maybe she did, but still a tinge of the darkness and the sorrow always remained in his eyes.


Its like the show has matured since the loss of Amy and Rory, and the darker tones are embedded in the essence of the Doctor; it is a whole new dimension for the fans, like watching your favourite character grow up. And now the 11th Doctor is going to leave us. Let’s see who comes along to fit in his boat-sized shoes (I say boat-sized not because he wears big shoes, but because the expectations from the 12th Doctor are going to be tremendous as Matt Smith has left behind big shoes to fit in, quite literally).