Dahl-ing with Adulthood


BookNotes and FootMarks

ADULTHOOD IS THE WORST. I’ve been whining about this for the past few weeks, nay, months, but I’ll happily say it again. Five months after I reluctantly donned the mantle of adulthood and started working full-time I’m still not used to it. And I definitely don’t enjoy it. I miss the days when my only worries were completing an essay on time, wondering what to eat for lunch (I still worry about that), and deciding what to do with ALL MY FREE TIME. Now, working nine hours a day means that I have hardly any time to pursue any kind of hobbies post-work. I’m usually so exhausted that I cannot handle any activity that requires even a small amount of intellectual exertion. Mercifully, I do get the weekends off. A while ago I had a particularly exhausting week at work coupled with being slightly ill. Desperately  in need of something…

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