Review: Sherlock Season 3 Premier- The Empty Hearse


Phew! Its finally here. After the life-altering trauma and the heartbreak, after all the speculation and the endless obsession, Baker Street’s favourite detective is back. However, things are not as hunky-dory as he would have pleased them to be. Things have changed, and maybe not for the better (of course the reference is to the little snail under Watson’s nose).

After burying Sherlock, John seems to have left Baker Street behind. I understand that, anyone would want to get away from all those memories. However, John, how could you leave Mrs. Hudson behind? Why didn’t you call, John?! Hell, I would have called her! If only I knew her number.


It took two years for Sherlock to break Moriarty’s terrorist cell, and with the help of Mycroft he once again returns to London with another terrorist threat in the horizon. Sherlock couldn’t be more pleased, and despite his well-meaning ‘I-want-to-jump-out-of-a-cake-and-surprise-John’, he clearly has a lesson to learn about ‘human nature’. After delivering a split lip and a broken nose, John makes it perfectly clear that he wants Sherlock around him as much as he does Moriarty.



Mary Morstan, played by Amanda Abbington is a brilliant addition to the show as John’s girlfriend-soon-to-be-fiancé. This time it isn’t some lowly little imbecile screaming, “Don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes!”, instead, she likes him! Charles Augustus Magnussen is going to be the foe that Sherlock is up against this season. Although, in the books he is supposed to be a blackmailer, let’s see what his character turns out to be like this season.

Anderson is without a doubt the nut job that he always is, and has the most bizarre theories about how Sherlock pulled off his suicide attempt, and every time Lestrade ‘bollocks’ his off. Anderson believes that Moriarty is locked up in Sherlock’s grave, as Sherlock ‘switched’ places with Moriarty. I found this to be quite epic, however there was a nagging feeling at the back of my mind which I couldn’t place immediately, but then I realised this: Moriarty is a little too short to pass for Sherlock. Small technicality, I know, but I am sure someone would have noticed. Ugh! Typical Anderson!


There are quite a number of kisses galore, and the most impossible kind at that. Like say for example, Sherlock kissing Molly Hooper (poor gal got lucky in Anderson’s imagination), and Moriarty having an ‘intense’ moment with Sherlock, leaning in for a… if only.

All in all, The Empty Hearse is quite entertaining and exhilarating, and yet the biggest mystery still remains just that: how did Sherlock pull it off? There are a number of possible scenarios that are drawn out (I am rooting for the intense moment between Sherlock and Moriarty), but nothing definite. Gatiss is most definite taking a leaf out the evil genius a.k.a Moffat’s diary about how to leave the fans damn near a stroke if not a full blown heart attack. Let me tell you sir, we are not amused! Just kidding, please don’t leave us or quit on Sherlock!



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