Movie Review: The Fifth Estate


Rating: 3/5

If your bucket list includes watching a movie that is actually less of a movie and more of a PowerPoint presentation, then by all means watch The Fifth Estate; on that score it doesn’t disappoint. However, if you are hoping to have your minds blown away by the story of one of the most prominent internet phenomenon and personalities of the 21st century, a.k.a. WikiLeaks and Julian Assange respectively, then you will be sorely disappointed.

It is a wonder as to how a movie that could have all the markings of an exceptional movie can be such a snooze fest. Despite the great cast that has a surreal amount of talent individually and an earth shattering storyline, The Fifth Estate hits and misses by a long shot. It all comes down to execution. The first hour of the movie is pretty drab despite it being the foundation on which the remaining movie was to stand on, and maybe that is why the entire movie fails miserably.

Benedict Cumberbatch adds yet another feather to his cap with his portrayal of Julian Assange, proving to his peers that he is a force to reckon with, the oncoming storm (yes, I couldn’t help the Doctor who reference). Daniel Bruhl who plays Daniel Berg, one of the first recruits of WikiLeaks, doesn’t break character, and yet you somehow find it hard to sympathise with him in the end. Laura Linney as Sarah Shaw portrays the White House side of the story, and does so wondrously.

The only thing that holds The Fifth Estate together is its cast; if it wasn’t for that the movie would have been a complete disaster, and then some. 


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