Movie Review: Gravity


Rating: 41/2/5
Finally, here is a movie that takes the sic-fi genre up a few notches to another level and beyond. Despite having a very basic storyline, Gravity will make you squirm and pant in your seats so much so that you might as well be in space along with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

Sandra Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, who is fresh out of the labs and training sessions on her first mission to space as the Mission Specialist. Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney, is a seasoned astronaut who is at the end of this game and commanding his final space expedition. However, things soon spiral out of control (note: I do not use the word ‘spiral’ here in a figurative sense, things LITERELLY spiral out of control), and what follows next is beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations ever. 

It is quite riveting to watch Sandra Bullock put away her rom-com mantle and seep into a deeper and much more significant role. It is a pity that we cannot fully admire George Clooney’s devastatingly handsome face as it is shrouded in the astronaut’s suit. However, there is nothing stopping us from using our imaginations, as of course, his face is etched there, never to be forgotten.



With the most brilliantly captured space photography, Gravity takes you out of the movie theatre that you are seated in and scatters your senses across space in the most artistic manner possible. Agreed, most 3D movies have you reaching for your migraine medication, however, that is not the case here. The graphics are so very believable that more than once you will find yourself ducking in order to avoid the space-debris that come flying your way.

Gravity has all the markings of a thrilling space-movie, and having said that, there is only one aspect of the movie that I found a little convenient (or inconvenient if you may), and that is the fact that tragedy seemed to follow Sandra around in space. One moment everything is perfectly fine, but the minute Sandra is in the picture things start going downwards and how. This is why I have taking one star off of the rating scale, besides this, Gravity is as flawless as it gets, reinstilling your faith in modern movie-making.


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