Latest Pictures and Thoughts: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Okay, so here are some of the latest pictures that have been released by BBC from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special episode. My head is spinning so fast it is a wonder that it hasn’t fallen off of my shoulders and hit the floor. There are so many thoughts that come to mind when looking at the pictures, so here is what went through my mind when I saw the pictures.


This has to me Matt Smith, given the skinny pants and the shoes. There is not a shadow of a doubt that this is going to be one heck of a heart thumping moment when the 11th Doctor is dangling from his TARDIS, hanging on to dear life!


There is definitely no contest when it comes to whether or not John Hurt looks abso-friggin-lutely delectable trying to fly the TARDIS. He would have made a brilliant Doctor, not just for one Special episode, but for a number of seasons. A number of questions are going to be answered through John Hurt, and lets just hope that ‘the question hiding in plain sight’ doesn’t get answered *wink*.


Now here is a picture that will warranty cardiac arrest on a scale that would be so hard to measure.  Three fantastic, brilliant, and cool Doctors in a row with death-like serious expressions on their faces. What are they staring at?


Oh yes, this is MY Doctor, the 10th Doctor, David Tennant! Need I say more? It is going to be so magnificent to watch him fly his beloved TARDIS and in action once again, there are no words to express the emotions that will run through the hearts of the fans. However, where is Rose?


And finally, here is the 11th Doctor. He may not be MY Doctor, but I still love him dearly, and this sad and troubled expression bothers me to no end. Of course, I have witnessed this expression a gazillion times on his face, but it seems so much more intense and meaningful now. Its almost like him saying, ‘my time is running out, and I know it.’

This episode is going to be a whirlwind of adrenalin running high, tears, laughter, nerve-wracking action and so much more that any number of blog posts cannot convey to the fullest extent.

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