Being a Geek isn’t Embarrassing, its Liberating!


Since the beginning of comic books and geeky stuff, since the time people began to love and marvel upon the vast possibilities that books and sic-fi shows bestowed upon us, ‘normal’ people have tagged this group of people as ‘geeks’. So when you hear the word ‘geek’ in reference to someone, you immediately tend to picture someone in thick, gigantic glasses that takes up most of his/her face, dressed in ill-fitting clothes, and obsessing over something fictional in an enclosed space, cut-off from the outside world.

Geeks are so wrongfully looked down upon. A geek isn’t someone who simply thinks up some crazy controversies, or obsesses over something lame and insignificant, a geek in all his/her glory is someone who believes in a world beyond the one we reside in. He/she is someone who is open-minded to various possibilities beyond our regular existence, and lives in multiple worlds, as they are constantly exploring books, shows and movies that take them places that are far beyond the imagination of a single human being. 



Sure, geeks can get obsessive and sometimes their obsessions make no sense to ‘normal’ people, yet, somehow geeks are ‘free’ in the truest sense possible. Once you admit you are a geek, there is no turning back, and you can simply give up trying to appease people who simply don’t understand you, and are constantly pooping on your party. It is beyond impossible to reason with this category of people, to make them see what makes you tick, and so its best not to try.


Being a geek liberates you from having to act all ‘cool’ all the time, and trying to fit in. Admitting that you are a geek gives you the freedom to enjoy what you like doing the most guilt-free. It takes a lot of courage admitting that you are a geek in this time and age, where being ‘cool’ is all that matters. You could end up being picked on constantly, and also left out from the ‘it’ crowd.

However, my question(s) is, if you enjoy something tremendously, if you are capable of creating a universe for yourself that revolves around books, TV shows, and even movies what’s wrong with that? Doesn’t that prove that you have the ability to see beyond the obvious and mundane existence that plagues us day in and day out, the ability to dedicate yourself to something?


Lets face it, reality sucks. I have said this a million times, and I will say it again. There is nothing extremely magnificent in our existence most of the time, so why not escape to a better place? A place where there are platforms numbered 9 ¾; a place where there is a mad man in a blue box who travels the universe, helping numerous species as and when they face an issue; a world where a highly functioning psychopath lives at 221b Baker Street and is willing to help out with police investigation so long as it isn’t ‘boring’?

Oh yeah, and that is one of the most important things- never having to be bored ever again. Being a geek keeps you constantly entertained, and there can be nothing better than that, can it? Everyday there is so much to do, so much to keep up with in the Geekverse, that there is no time for even a moment of boredom to seep into our lives. Simon Pegg has summed up being a geek to perfection:


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