Movie Review: Jane Eyre



Ratings: 4/5
Out of all the classics that I have literally swallowed, Jane Eyre is the one that has remained embedded into my bloodstream without ever leaving or fading into the deep recesses of my heart. I still remember that first copy of the evergreen classic that I had the honour of owning. I was merely ten years old and forever hungry for books, books and more books. Honestly, the reason I choose that book was not just because the synopsis spoke to me, but also because it was the thickest book on the shelf! Oh yes, I wanted the book that would last the longest. And the rest is history.

Somehow the story of this plain, obscure and intelligent, yet simply marvellous girl made more of a difference in my life than any classic heroine ever had. So imagine my surprise and pleasure when I realised that a thrilling and magnificent movie had been made just a couple of years ago that was bound to revive some of the most heart-touching memories of my childhood.

Jane Eyre the movie is one of the most well made adaptations of the book ever made, or so the ratings suggest. Mia Wasikowska has done complete justice to the role of a plain yet independent governess that is Jane Eyre. Slowly but surely, the movie tugs at our hearts when we witness little Jane’s plight at her aunt’s home, and then at the extremely strict and borderline cruel boarding school named Lowood which she was shipped off to. Soon enough Jane grows into a smart young woman, who is exceptionally skilled at sketching, thus securing a position at Thronfield Hall as a governess.



Soon Jane encounters the owner of Thronfield Hall, the dark and mysterious Mr. Edward Rochester played by Michael Fassbender, who falls in love with Jane before long. Before long, Jane returns his feeling and they spend some of the most breathtaking and joyous moments on the grounds of Thronfield Hall. However, there is something much more sinister that lurks at Thronfield Hall, and is bound to destroy any chance of happiness they can hope to have as a couple.

The costumes, the pleasing cinematography prove to be such amazing visual treats that the movie manages to take your breath away multiple times. It is everything and more that can be expected from a movie based on a classic novel. If you wish to be transported into a world of green meadows, strong and self made heroines, and men with shady pasts, Jane Eyre has all of that and more to offer.


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