Homeland Season 3: Giving Me the Jitters Already


Just last week I mustered up the courage to watch Homeland season 3’s trailer. I know it had been out for a while, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the unfolding of dramatic and gut-wrenching events depicted in the the upcoming season before my eyes.

Anyone who has watched the show will agree with me that watching Homeland is not for the weak at heart, I mean quite literally, it could send your heart into a fill-blown and irrevocable cardiac arrest, to say the least. Watching one single episode is equal to spending at least a quarter of an hour running for your life on a treadmill. There have been times when I have had to pause multiple times when watching an episode just so that I could catch my breath and give a  much deserved reprieve to my thumping heart.


This trailer has so many details in it that will widen your eyes to match the dainty lil saucer from which you sip on your herbal green tea. Claire Danes’ performance, who plays the CIA Intelligence Officer Carrie Mathison, steals the show as always, just like she stole that Emmy Award right from under everyone’s noses. Okay, I will stop now and let you watch the trailer for yourselves!


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