Movie Review: The Conjuring


Rating: 4 1/2 /5
The Conjuring has all the markers of a brilliant horror flick, and the ‘based on a real story’ tag line does nothing to soothe the chills that travel up and down your spine. Right from the first frame of the movie, The Conjuring will grip your nerve endings and keep sending incessant shockwaves through them for the next 96 minutes.

The Conjuring is based on one of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s most horrifying cases. For those of you who do not know the Warrens, they are what we today call ‘ghost-busters’. They have investigated a series of paranormal incidences in their time, and the Perron case in Rhode Island is the one that The Conjuring is based on. 


Carolyn and Rodger Perron move into an ancient farmhouse along with their five adorable daughters. However, before they can so much as settle in, the supernatural takes over. Seeing no way around it, Carolyn seeks help from Ed and Lorraine Warren, who then figure out that the farmhouse is a part of a 200 acres property that once belonged to a deranged… okay, I am not giving out more than that.


The Conjuring employs all the old-school techniques that have been used in horror movies since time immemorial, and does so with utter brilliance. The sound effects are magnificent, and the simple yet mystifying performance by all the actors adds to the creepy and deviant aura of the movie. There are some movies that you just cannot miss, so what excuse do you have to miss a movie that comes with this warning:



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