The Most Fantastic and Underrated Dysfunctional Family: The Addams Family


If you have never heard of or watched any cartoon, TV show or movie based on the Addams Family it is time you revoke your geek card, because if you like dysfunctional and creepy things, then it doesn’t and cannot get better than this.

When you watched the cartoons during your childhood you may have hid under your covers, terrified of this utterly petrifying family; then you got a little older and may have summoned the courage to watch the movie, chuckled at the black humour that is so craftily portrayed in the movies and rebuked yourself for being terrified of this strange yet adorable family. Whichever way you go it is hard to not develop a liking for this family of immortals, although how exactly they have acquired this immortality is unclear to this day.

ImageI managed to watch two of the movies based on the Addams family: The Addams Family, and The Addams Family Values. Gomez Addams, married to Morticia Addams lives in a creepy and ancient mansion along with Morticia’s mother and their two children Pugsley and Wednesday. They are madly in love with one another, expressing it in the most dysfunctionally romantic manner possible. Fester Addams is Gomez’s older brother and single, leading to the family plots revolving around a variety of women trying to grasp the Addams extravagant wealth by charming the older Addams. Lurch Addams, the butler, resembles a zombie, and has never had to remember a dialogue as he remains silent in the background, throwing around creepy stares.

ImageEven though the plot of the movies are pretty basic and nothing unique, the black humour that plays into the dialogues and the acting skills steal the show, making the movies a complete hit. The Addams Family Values is much darker and humorous than its predecessor, packing in a lot more thrills and laughs.

My favourite most character in the family is of course the older daughter, Wednesday Addams. She has been named after the most dreadful day of the week, and this reflects upon the family’s taste for anything that has the slightest link to tragedy or torment. Wednesday Addams is a poker faced girl who constantly dresses like she is off to a funeral, or rather that her entire life is a funeral, not that she would mind, I think nothing would please her more if that were the case.


With a poker face and a sharp tongue paired with unmatched intelligence and love for everything creepy, Wednesday Addams makes me want to put up all of my daughters for adoption until I am blessed with one who is exactly like her. Wednesday is obsessed with homicidal tendencies at an age when ‘normal’ girls are obsessed with boys and make-up.

ImageAnother interesting addition to the family is Thing, who is nothing more than a hand, yes, you read that right. Thing is a hand with no body, and yet it seems to have a mind of its own as it can communicate with Gomez through sigh language or tapping on wood. Thing also arm wrestles with Gomez, brings in the mail, writes letters on Gomez’s behalf, and also gives Gomez a head massage when things get tough.

ImageThe Addams Family and The Addams Family Values do complete justice to the happily disgruntle family that loves misery and torture, so go on, give the geek in you a little dose of creepy and crazy bundled together in this joyride!

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