The Return of Sherlock Holmes

We all witnessed the heart wrenching Reichenbach fall and the ingenious survival of Sherlock Holmes, and all of us have racked our minds and divulged into the deepest recesses of the internet seeking an explanation of Sherlock’s escape from the deadly fall. If that wasn’t enough, BBC has released a ‘teaser trailer’ that will haunt and taunt you all the more.

This trailer is going to make you undertake some intense therapy in shrink’s office that is painted baby pink and filled with stuffed animals that you can hug and cry until the third season is released this November. The trailer shows all the beloved characters; there is Mrs. Hudson attending to the usual chores with a hint of sadness and apprehension in her eyes as if awaiting someone.


Then there is Inspector Lestraude apparently investigating a scene and looking over his shoulder as if he sensed a presence. Of course Mycroft seems just as cool, calm and confident as if it is just another day at work when he looks up from his desk. Molly Hopper opens her locker and there seems to be a reflection in the mirror attached to the locker’s door, but before you can make sense of the reflection, its gone.


Last but not the least, there is of course Dr John Watson, sporting a mustache, looking apprehensive and impatient awaiting someone at a restaurant, when the doors open and Sherlock walks in… YES, that is how we are left hanging, as if the Reichenbach fall wasn’t traumatising enough we have this teaser that leaves us high and dry. All this falls into your lap just when the 12th Doctor is about to be announced and you are barely managing to maintain a hold on your sanity. BBC One should rename itself ‘Trauma Central’.


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