Movie review: Man of Steel


Ratings: 3/5
Okay, so this review is going to be pretty straightforward, as the movie was pretty straightforward too. The movie has a simple plot, and the premise was similar to so many superhero movies. So basically Man of Steel is a resident of the planet Krypton, and he is born at the epicentre of his planet’s destruction. Sent to planet Earth for his own safety and for the survival of his race, he grows up as a regular child hiding his supernatural powers.

Although he and his human parents are well aware of his extraordinary strength and capabilities, he is forced to shroud them so as to not scare away regular human beings, and ensure his undetected existence. But as all superhero movies must have a villain, Man of Steel does too, and he is no other than the mighty General Zod, who is the commander of the military forces of Krypton. He and Man of Steel’s biological father have fundamental arguments about the destruction of their planet and the survival of their race.


This is the general plot, and then you can guess the remaining. The bottom line is that an alien comes to planet earth, falls in love with the planet and its people, and when his own race threatens the existence of the human race, he does everything in his power and more to prevent that from happening. I liked how they concentrated on his childhood, and showed the struggles he had been through. It was very realistic, and as a viewer you will be glad that they did not portray something as generic and as pathetic as some typical road-side Romeo who suddenly discovers his powers one fine morning on his way to workplace which would of course be a construction site.


Henry Cavill very well fits the bill of the troubled and brooding youth with a heavy burden to bear. He is good looking, I will give him that, but he is no Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, sorry, I had to bring that up (not so sorry actually). Michel Shannon has really outshone himself as the mighty and violent psychopath General Zod. Loki, honey, I am sorry, but your fans are going to look the other way when General Zod walks by now. If you are looking for an entertainer with some breathtaking action sequences, then Man of Steel fits the bill. It is spectacular, quite awe striking, and hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed, he could be added to the Avengers team, if anyone from Marvel is listening in!


 I know not all of them feature in The Avengers, but a girl can hope, can’t she?

2 thoughts on “Movie review: Man of Steel

  1. It was a good film, but destined to be a great one and I think it missed it’s mark. Not totally and completely, but obviously once those last 20 minutes hit us in the face. Good review Foram.

    • Thank you for liking the review. I agree with your point that the movie was destined for greatness, but sort of missed by a bit. Could have been much better.

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