Almost Human: An Upcoming TV Series by the Makers of Fringe

This three and a half minute trailer takes you through the basic concept behind Almost Human; the show is about the law and order enforcers have created a set of ‘people’ who are more like robots, but are also ‘Almost Human’. They kind of reminded me of the robots in the movie I Robot starring Will Smith, only here the robots look human with the skin and everything.


I am quite excited about watching this show, since I have been a really huge fan of the show Fringe, which was also created by J.J Abrams. Not until recently did I realise that the main premise of the show that relied on the concept of a universe parallel to us, with the same kind of people (exact same, with the looks and the lives and everything), and the whole thing about teleporting-between-universes-caused-a-rift-in-the-fabric-of-the-universe had been derived from Doctor Who.


Never mind that, I really adore Fringe, and it has been one of my all time favourite shows. It has the perfect blend of thrill and hard science, along with some amazing actors and screenplay. However, I wish the Observers hadn’t turned out to be the villains, they were always supposed to be the peaceful ones, quietly observing the progress of the human race. J.J Abrams is a genius, and so I am really looking forward to Almost Human and all the possible awesomeness it is going to land on me.


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