Doctor Who Life Lessons


Yeah, I know I have been going on about how Doctor Who changed my life; but does one really ever stop? Nah, cos once the Doctor enters your life, there is no end to the number of marvellous things that you can learn from him. However, there are some things that get seared onto your mind so much so that they become your guideline for life. Here are some of the things that I have learnt from the Doctor and the show.

Growing up is no fun if you can’t act childish sometimes. Yeah, that’s true, cos being all grown up and serious all the time is no fun at all. You will probably die with a permanent frown on your forehead. The Doctor has lived for over a thousand years and yet he has a glimmer of child-like innocence and enthusiasm in him that is so lovable and necessary; necessary because if he didn’t have that his long life and all the things that he had seen would have made him a very old and bitter man. So don’t be old and boring and bitter, be spectacular like the Doctor.


Change is the only constant in life. The whole premise of Doctor Who revolves around the concept of change, and yes, I agree, most Whovians do not adapt to change easily, but can you blame them? Wouldn’t it rip your heart apart when you come to love a Doctor, or rather a version of the Doctor and then he leaves and regenerates into someone entirely different? Well, let’s leave that discussion to another rainy day, what I am trying to say is that change is all around us, we only have to be accepting. We are changing, people around us change, and we have to accept that if we wish to be happy.


Everything has its time and everything ends. Yes, this is one of the saddest things in all of time and space, and yet the ultimate truth. Old things must end and make way for new ones, be it a relationship, a phase in life, even the life of the Doctor, it all eventually ends. Nothing goes on forever, it is more of a ‘till it lasts’. Time can be rewritten, but not all of it, not the fixed times, and not the end.


Goodbyes are important. I say this not just as something that I learnt from the 10th Doctor who burnt up the sun just to say goodbye to Rose Tyler (bitch please, that was adorable), but because I personally know how gut wrenching it can be when someone you love and adore with all your heart and soul just leaves without having the decency to utter a simple ‘goodbye’. It may not rip a hole in the universe, but it sure as hell rips a hole in the core of that person’s soul, and you can’t have that on your conscience, can you?


Being weird is really a good thing. Yeah, all the bowties and the Stetsons and the suspenders and the long coats may seem like the thing of the past, but not really. These quirks and eccentric behaviour is what makes you different from all the millions of humans who behave more like clones of the Cybermen, what with their same old boring rules and their constant need to ‘fit in’. Name one person who is well loved and well known, and is not unique or weird is one way or another. There is none.


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