A Sonnet the Doctor Who Way


If you were to woo a Whovian, how would you do it? Cos mind you, the usual stuff just isn’t going to cut it. Here is a helping hand, a sonnet that would melt any Whovian’s heart like it was made of wax. Trust me, I am a Whovian.

I Shall

I shall be by your side, for better or worse, just like the TARDIS,

I shall exterminate your sadness and loneliness like the Daleks,

I shall upgrade your happiness and smile like the Cybermen.

I shall guard you like the ultimate Centurion, which would make Rory proud,

I shall swallow the time vortex if it means that I can be by your side again,

I shall love you even if we end up in parallel universes, never to meet again,

I shall find you, no matter where you go, I will always find you.


I shall stare unblinking at the Weeping Angels so that you may rest your weary eyes,

I shall stand in the way of their touch so that you may remain safe.

I shall be the Impossible Girl, always saving you from yourself,

I shall scatter myself throughout time and space so as to rescue you, every time.

I shall await you at the Bad Wolf Bay, and burn up the sun just to say goodbye,

I shall not wander off, or ask stupid questions, and above all,

I shall trust you.


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