Haters Be Hating The Doctor


Yeah, I have gone all Ghetto here and frankly, I don’t care what you haters make of it. Every day I read posts and blogs that keep trolling Doctor Who. Initially, I was outraged, but now I smile in amusement, cos you never know how great you have become until a ton of people start bitchin about you. Then you know that you have made it.

What is it that they detest about the show, I do not understand. Is it because it is so successful? How does it matter if the show is a little over the top, it is pure entertainment. Some people have a problem with it being a children’s show; well, the Harry Potter series started off as a children’s book, and look what a phenomenon that was.


Others keep comparing it to Sherlock. Bitch please! These two shows couldn’t be more different when you take into consideration the fact that Sherlock cannot be caught dead with knowledge of the solar system, and the whole premise of Doctor Who revolves around the whole of the universe! There are millions of people out there who simple adore the show, and for good reason. All of them cannot be delusional now, can they?

I have read so many people say things like the show helped them when they were trying to get clean, helped them through the loss of a loved one, proved to be a companion to the loneliest of people, and yet so many people have a problem with Doctor Who. The show gives you infinite hope; hope that one day you may just prove to be as brave as Martha Jones who travelled all over the world spreading the Doctor’s word all by herself, that one day you may have a best friend like Donna Nobel who will save you from yourself, that one day Amy and Rory’s story of infinite patience and immovable love will be yours.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but make sure that you have earned them. I am not saying that every person who watches the show has to be absolutely mental about it, that is simply not possible, but when there is no valid reason to hate it then why despise something that means so much to someone? Agreed, some people fall in love with the love stories in the show, but come on, its not like it is along the lines of Twilight, which is by God the parameter against which all the garbage on this planet is measured. I mean, the Daleks falling in love with the Cybermen will be a better love story than the Twilight horse shit. So be reasonable, be kind, and don’t judge.


PS: Just had to add this picture of David Tennant’s, cos he is ADORABLE!

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