The Moment I Fell for Matt Smith


Well, I admit, when I began watching season 5 of Doctor Who when Matt Smith begins to play the role of the eleventh Doctor, I was not so very thrilled. I missed David Tennant terribly, and honestly, I didn’t like Matt Smith one tiny bit. Agreed, he is good looking and everything with some amazing hair, but somehow, every time I would watch an episode with a really tensed and intense moment, my mind would automatically begin to envision how David Tennant would play it out.

While my conscious mind was busy re-enacting the scenes with David Tennant in them, Matt Smith was very cleverly seeping into my subconscious mind and wrecking havoc there. The result, by the time I reached the eleventh episode of season 5 named The Lodger, I instantly fell in love with Matt Smith. Funny isn’t it, me falling in love with the eleventh Doctor in the eleventh episode, almost like it was the eleventh hour of the season? Blimey, a lot of elevens there!


I don’t know exactly how it happened, as The Lodger isn’t one of the most spectacular of episodes in the season, but it did. I think it was the voice, Matt Smith’s voice that is, and I don’t care what the reviewers say, but that episode is one of the most amazing episodes according to me. It has that witty sort of humour, and also that alien-detecting machine that the Doctor creates on his bed is so hilarious and adorable at the same time.

David Tennant will always be MY Doctor and there is no one who can change that, but Matt Smith holds his own, and he is spectacular in his own right.


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