The Drug that Never Fails


Ummm, so what is that feeling? Those tiny butterflies that tingle in the insides of your stomach, and you are so restless and anxious all the time. What is it that makes you feel that way? Oh don’t get all gooey, I am not talking of the arrival of the love of your life, no, what I am referring to is the arrival of a book. Yes, a good old brand new book! Thanks to all the online shopping sites with their prompt delivery options, you can simply sit on your bum and acquire your favourite book without breaking a sweat.

Just yesterday I ordered The Complete Sherlock Holmes, and also Inferno by Dan Brown, and there in started the tingly feeling at the pit of my stomach that only abated upon their arrival today. Have you ever opened a brand new book, poked your nose in, and taken a deep breath, inhaling the smell of the pages? Man, there is no drug like that smell of those freshly printed pages.


I have read most of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but never owned the volumes, and now I do! Its like finally coming face to face with a person you love, but have only spoken to over the internet. Dan Brown is one of the very few American authors I admire, and can’t wait to take the plunge into the book and lose myself in the depths of history that all his works promise.

Keep your eyes peeled for a review, however, it won’t happen for long, as I am going to cherish every word of the book to the fullest possible extent!


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