Why Choose Books & TV Shows Over People

Ever since I learnt how to read and discovered the world of books, I haven’t stopped one bit. I have devoured one book after the other, and have loved every second of it. I discovered TV shows, great TV shows that is, a little later, in my late teens, and blimey, what a ride it has been. Never one for small talk or random conversations, I was always content with a book, holed up in my room.

However, there were times when I wished that sometimes I would experience a great friendship, a unique bond, like the ones described in so many books. Come on, who wouldn’t want friends like Harry, Ron and Hermione? And I found friends, not like I didn’t, not that socially inapt I am mind you, but it was never quite the same. Its human nature to expect; and it is the same very human nature to move on to the next best shiny thing that life throws at you. So people left, yeah, and there I was clutching my books and my external drive with lots of TV shows in it, and a thought struck me: why am I running after people, when I have all the company and support that I need right here, in the palm of my very hands?



That is the day I realised that there isn’t a single human being that is better than a good book and a mind numbing TV show, cos if you pay attention closely, they have the most marvellous things to teach you. Where else would you find someone like Dumbledore, who is the greatest of great men and yet is so humble, where else would you find someone like the Doctor who would make other people’s problems his own?

Any good book is like a teleport that can take you to a whole new world, and so is a great TV show. I know this for a fact, because whenever I watch Doctor Who or Sherlock or read harry Potter, I am instantly in a whole new world, and when I finish the episode or a chapter and return to reality, it takes me a few moments to get my bearings. Are there people on this planet who can make you feel this way? Nope!



Books and TV shows do not judge. No matter whether you have shaved your legs or are sitting about in your bathrobe without a care in the world, it will not matter to them. Also, books and TV shows won’t leave. They will be there for you at even 2 in the night, and will see you through your tough times. There is no drama involved, no fights, no arguments, you simply pick a book up, or watch an episode if you feel like and you are all sorted out.

They are both great conversation starters, and will not embarrass you in front of other people. Say if you talk of being a Doctor Who fan, your ‘cool’ proportion increases by a million folds; whereas if you are in the company of person who eats with his mouth open and burps in public, you will wish that the floor beneath you parts and swallows you up. 



Fandoms unite, they do not discriminate, and this very blog and the number of amazing people I have come to know through it is living proof of what I am blabbering about. I could go on and on, round and round the merry go round, but the bottom line is that there is not a single being on this planet that is better than your favourite book and TV show, unless it is a 903 year old alien in a suit. Very specific, I know, its not like I woke up one fine morning and had a craving! Allons-y Alonso! 


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