Puberty Works Differently in the UK

Okay, I have to admit; right now I am trying to scrape up what was once my jaw, off of the floor and trying to fit it back onto my face. Why is my jaw on the floor, you ask? Because I just happened to watch these pictures:


This is Matthew Lewis A.K.A Neville Longbottom of the Harry Potter series, and by God, just look at the transformation! The once plump and teddy bear-like boy can now give Adonis a run for his money.

If this wasn’t enough, I came across this


This is Harry Mellings A.K.A Dudley Dursley, again from the Harry Potter series. These pictures are the reason that my jaw is now firmly logged onto the floor. Puberty is really a different story in the UK. Mind = Blown out of proportions!

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