Application for the Role of the Doctor’s Companion

Dear Doctor

I would like to apply for the role of your companion. There is nothing in this world that would give me more pleasure than accompanying you on your time travelling expeditions all over time and space. I have made a compilation of my traits that would make me eligible to be your companion

I do not wish to date you, I merely wish to travel with you through time and space, like how Donna Nobel did. I simply want to be your mate, not mate with you, space boy!

Also, I have been practicing running. I know how crucial that is when accompanying you, and since you have also been giving out lessons to Queen Elizabeth the First, I am quite well versed with it; in fact, I love it!


I shall not wander off. Yes, I know how annoyed you get, and so I shall refrain from running off on my own when you tell me to stay put. However, sometimes if I wish to be rescued by you, then I may, but that is going to be rare at best *wink*.

PS: This application is only for the 10th Doctor. I do love all of you, but David Tennant is my Doctor. Get over it.


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