Mickey Smith: The Man Least Spoken About


Mickey Smith, the working class boyfriend of Rose Tyler in the TV show Doctor Who, is one of the least talked about character in the show. He is grossly underestimated, and also not looked upon with the gratitude that he so rightfully deserves. You will find numerous pictures and GIFs of the Doctor, his companions and even the monsters that the Doctor fights, but just like Inspector Lestrade from Sherlock, you will barely find anything that appreciates Mickey.

Agreed, that in season 1 of the show mickey was portrayed as a daft and panicky boy, forever awaiting the hint of the sound that marks the arrival of the TARDIS, and honestly, even I wasn’t such a big fan of his. However, in the second season, Mickey is suddenly transformed into an action hero who struts around with a big gun, fighting the Cybermen and trying to save both the universes.


The character development of Mickey Smith is quite remarkable and the fact that when he landed in the parallel universe with Rose and the Doctor, he chooses to stay behind with his blind grandmother instead of tailing Rose wherever she choose to go with the Doctor. That is the first time I felt an inkling of admiration for Mickey Smith.

Mickey isn’t glamorous, cocky and brilliant like the Doctor, and maybe that is why besides the Doctor he is out shadowed and thus ignored to a large extent by fans of the show. However, Mickey Smith, you are amazing, and worthy of an applause. *clap clap clap*


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