Movie Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness



Ratings: 3 1/2 /5
If the Oxford English Dictionary had to add a new synonym for the word ‘magnificent’, it would be Benedict Cumberbatch. The whole movie watching experience when it comes to Star Trek: Into Darkness starts and ends with him. Right from the first glimpse of his, your heart will thump, hard, like you have been working out for a couple of hours, and won’t stop thumping until the very end of the movie; well, maybe not even then. 



Benedict Cumberbatch overshadows all the remaining actors on the screen, and you will be waiting for the next time he is a part of the scene. This may sound more like the review of Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting skills than the review of Star Trek: Into Darkness, but that is what the whole movie really comprises of. The storyline of Star Trek: Into Darkness is very reminiscent of any regular sic-fi movie, and although there is nothing wrong with that, we do expect something better from the Star Trek franchise.

The thrills and chills are many, especially when you see Ben in his billowing coat and the signature high cheekbones; you cannot help but think of Sherlock. Every expression of his is a treasure to watch. The way the emotions roll over his face seamlessly, that man might as well have invented the term ‘acting’. Every move of his, his disheveled hair, every word that flows out of his mouth will have you gasping for breath. If you want to keep your heart rate up and rising, then don’t visit a gym, no, just watch Benedict Cumberbatch in action. 



The mere sound of his voice is enough to bring someone out of an irreversible coma. Such is the enigma called Benedict Cumberbatch. Star Trek: Into Darkness is indeed a good movie to watch and Ben’s presence adds to the reasons that you must watch the movie, come what may. I am going to cut out the scenes that Benedict Cumberbatch is present in, put them together and watch them repeatedly until they transform into the wallpaper of my Mind Palace. Oh yes, I am!

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