Thank God the Doctor is not Human

I say this with all responsibility, I am glad beyond words that the Doctor is not human. I watched the episode Human Nature & The Blood Family from season 3, where the Doctor transforms into a human in order to bring down the Blood Family. Sadly, he also leaves behind all the amazing things that make him the Doctor and also a better man. He turned into a vain and self serving person, AKA, a human being.


I am not being a cynic, merely stating that he personified everything that we humans stand for. It is not our fault really, when you break it down to the psychological level, we are biologically and psychologically created in a way that we put self preservation above everything and everyone else, and that is probably why we have survived extinction for so long. Even the Doctor couldn’t escape this trait. There came a point where he was willing the give up the very essence that makes him the Doctor so that he could live his meager human life. There is nothing likeable or remotely admirable about the human form of the Doctor.

The Doctor is alien, and he needs to stay that way. That is what makes him magnificent. That is what makes him so responsible, say for insistence, in the beginning of season 3 when he almost lost Martha in the city of New New York, he went berserk and did everything in his power and more to rescue her. He never lets any of his companions down, and that is not really a human trait as we just let the people who trust us the most down all the time.


I don’t mean to be cynical, but 23 years on this planet has dissolved some of the spark that was once there within. There are no words that can express the joy and hope that the Doctor gives me with hid massive and intelligent brain, and his huge hearts that accommodate us all, no exceptions. Such sense of responsibility and high moral fiber is impossible to find amongst us humans. Doctor, honey, you better stick to being an alien, because being a daft human just doesn’t suit you much. I am sorry, I am so so sorry.



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