Movie Review: Iron Man 3


Ratings: 4 1/2 /5
Lo and behold! Marvel’s undisputed king, the knight in shining armor (quite literally), the brilliant billionaire with a philanthropic heart, AKA Tony Stark, the Iron Man. Marvel and Robert Downy Junior have really outdone themselves with the latest installment in the Iron Man series. No Hulk with his badass temper and no Thor with his mother’s drapes even stand a fighting chance against the Iron Man when it comes to naming the ultimate superhero.

Iron Man one was a wonder; one of the best movies in the genre, and then came Iron Man 2 that left a bitter taste in your mouth, like you swallowed a mouthful of blood and could taste ‘iron’ in the back of your mouth. However, there is not even the slightest fraction of room for disappointment in Iron Man 3. There will be moments when your heart will be in your mouth, threatening to pop out, and moments when you will simply dissolve in laughter when RDJ oh-so-adorably displays his quirks. Even Gwyneth Paltrow outshines her role as the CEO of Stark Industries, and divulges deeper into the role of the strong and relentless woman that is worthy of the Iron Man.


Once the plot has been laid out, and the Mandrin make it personal with RDJ, there is no going back. The movie simply swoops you out of your chair, and sucks you into the movie, 3D or not. This time, there is more of Tony Stark and his never dying and legendary brilliance. Yes, brilliant is the word. There is nothing more entertaining than watching Tony Stark dig deep into his mind and figure out how to make it against the baddies without his suit. He has barely recovered from the incident in the black hole in New York City, and you will want to hold him tight and hug him with all your might when he is having one of his anxiety attacks.There is so much more to say and so much more to give away, but I am not going to give you any spoilers and paint a target on the back of my head.


All I can say is that the end of the movie is like a million stars and meteoroids all crashing down to the earth, creating a spectacular vision that will stay with you for a long time, even after you may have exited the theater. There is no watching this movie just once; it would be a shame to watch it just once. Fans are going to watch this one over and over again until it is seared into their memories for good; well, I have done it twice already. Pause whatever the hell you are doing, and watch Iron Man 3, it is worth it.


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