Thank You for Judging Me


Do you think the fact that the word ‘judgmental’ has the word ‘mental’ in it is a coincidence? Well, I think not. What gives people the right to get on a high horse and fling their unwanted and shallow opinions on someone? Its not the first time that people have questioned my obsession over books and TV shows, and it won’t be the last. there was a time when I used to get offended, sometimes feel like a social pariah, but now I flaunt my obsession. I wear it like a badge of pride, cos I know that it sets me apart from the ordinary ‘adorable’ people. It means that I have it in me to be passionate about something, and not just anything, it is something intelligent and complex, and is beyond the grasp of ‘normal’ people.

There was a time when being called a geek or a nerd was something to feel embarrassed about, but now it means that once you are done with your education you are going to make it big, maybe not Mark Zuckerberg big, but you will most definitely not be or barely getting past like most of the ‘jocks’ in your school who once picked on you.

Society stinks and how I like to think of them is a bunch of people who are completely unoriginal, want everyone to adhere to a certain set of rules that have been set by another long dead bunch of dunces, and are terrified of anything that threatens their oh-so-right set of shitty rules. Somehow no matter what you do, it is never going to be good enough, so why not do your own thing and let the haters hate?


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