Doctor Who Ruins Me

Last night I watched the finale of Doctor Who Season 2, and man, was that emotionally excruciating or what! Its been a while since I have experienced such an intense emotional upheaval, and it was a refreshing change from the zombie-like mental state that I usually am in. the last 15 minutes of the finale will get your tear ducts running overtime, so if you have an emotional capacity of a thimble, then you might not really get the point of it all.


There is a lesson in there somewhere, that maybe loving someone is actually knowing exactly when to let go. The whole phenomenon of sacrificing for the greater good is no longer something that resonates with the idea of a sermon on a mount, but with ordinary people doing the most selfless things. Rose Tyler, who had been the Doctor’s companion for two seasons, was madly in love with him, but in the end she risked it all for the greater good. Just before she is transported into the parallel universe for good, there is a small window where the Doctor could have pulled her back, if he had tried, but he couldn’t risk it, knowing that his role in the preservation of the universe was far greater than saving his love. When Rose Tyler says, “Please don’t leave me”, it just rips your heart into two. Hell, it would rip a zombie’s heart into two!


I know I sound preachy, and believe me I want to be anything but that, however, I cannot help marvel at what happened in those last few minutes of the finale. I haven’t felt that hollow in my chest for a long time now, and watching that episode taught me more about love and sacrifice than any B-grade Mills and Boons novel (yes, I have read one, only one, and I gravely regret it). Love isn’t always easy, like falling in love with an elusive billionaire, and finally making him fall for you (for those who haven’t read the MnB crap galore, this is the basic plot of all of the books in that series), its more than that. When the Doctor cannot tell how he feels to Rose in the end  because the connection breaks, there is nothing worse than that, nothing worse that not being able to tell  someone how much you love them before the time is up.


No one gets why I love Doctor Who so much. What they fail to understand is that it is a one stop shop for all your nerdy and emotional tendencies, with its sic-fi themes, and the spaceships, aliens, cyber men, and best of all, the tragic and cursed fairytale that just cannot have a happy ending, and yet it will tug at your heart, or rather wreck it. It makes you want to find a man who would  burn up the sun just to be able to say goodbye, and not leave like a fucking coward without a backward glance (if you are looking for a logical reason behind this outburst, then read “The Ass Wipe Diaries” from the archives). The TV show is exactly like the Doctor explains, “It’s the stuff of legends”.


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